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What is the soil food web?

One thing you don’t see when looking at soil is all the energy exchanges happening in the soil! This is called the “soil food web.” The concept of the soil food web is used to describe the community of organisms in soil for all or part of their lives. Food webs can depict the transfer…

How does soil biota interact with soil?

Living things (biota) that live in soil also influence the soil environment in many ways. They do this through their movement – for example earthworms and ants. They also do it as part of their daily activities of getting fuel (food), growing and reproducing. In this way, soil is a dynamic material, both influencing life…

Did streptomycin really come from the soil?

As we learned in this blog, soil is home to the most biodiversity on Earth. This blog will focus on the “unseen” life in soil: soil microbes. Soil is home to bacteria, viruses and fungi. Not to worry, though, this is (usually) a very balanced system, with “good microbes” keeping the “bad microbes” in check.…

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